Monday 29 June 2015

The Plan

Last year I visited five countries on holidays: Iran, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Germany. In the first four I understood almost nothing of the local languages. My vocabulary was limited to the basics of politeness that I had learnt before the trip (and have since mostly forgotten): please, thank you, how was it for you? and so on.

I decided that my next holiday would be to a country where they speaka my language. So, in the immortal words of Al Jolson, California, here I come! Followed by Seattle, Chicago, New York and Toms River (New Jersey).

The itinerary is as follows:

16 July Paris – San Francisco
16 – 20 July California
21 – 23 July Seattle
24 – 27 July California
28 – 30 July train from San Francisco to Chicago (3924 km in 51 hours, that's two nights on board)
30 July – 2 August Chicago
2 – 8 August New York
9 – 11 August Toms River (New Jersey)
11 August NY – Paris

One of the advantages of being Irish is having family in the US. My nephew and two of my cousins are hosting me, as are some (non-Irish) friends in Chicago and New York.

I'm going to see some great cities and fabulous scenery.  And I'm hoping get my ankles wet in two oceans and several lakes!

So open up that Golden Gate,
California, here I come!


  1. I took the train from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1998 or '99. It was a rather slow and long journey, but the seats were very comfortable and we had enough time at the stops to get out and walk a bit.
    If I remember right the conductor even gave us information about the areas and towns we were traversing.
    Have a look if your train has a panoramic carriage. I imagine the route through the Rockies to be quite scenic.

    1. It does have a carriage with a glass roof. I'll be posting pictures soon.


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